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Syysyleiskokous, Kuunvalokuvausyön palkintoseremonia ja pikkujoulut

Photo: Ilari Huovila

Again, one year has passed almost unnoticed and it is time to look to the future! Camera club Vastavalo holds an autumn general meeting on Saturday the 30th November starting at 6 pm at the Domus Club (Väinämöisenkatu 11). In order for the camera club to continue to function at least as good as it has until now, it needs a new board and some active members to join it. If you are interested (even a little), come along!

This time in the meeting we will select a new chairperson and other board members for the camera club. The composition of the board changes from year to year, and we believe that there is a suitable position to be found for everyone: what would you think of being either an exhibition, event or communications representative?

In addition, we will look at the financial situation (budget estimate) and future plans (action plan) of the camera club. We also renew the rules. Everyone is warmly welcome, and the members have the right to vote. The agenda is attached, the proposal of the renewed rules will follow.

After the meeting, at about 7 pm (or 7:30 pm), it is time for the award ceremony for Moonlight Photography Night (QVKY) and Christmas party. The honorable jury selects the winning picture for each six assignments, and it also awards the best picture series with awesome prizes. There will be glögi, mulled wine (both non-alcoholic and alcoholic version), and Christmassy snacks served.

What? Camera Club Vastavalo’s autumn general meeting, QVKY awards and Christmas party
Where? Domus Club, Väinämöisenkatu 11 (Vanha Domus)
When? Saturday 30th November 2019 starting at 6 pm

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Moonlight Photography Night

Photo: Krista Kierikka

Camera Club Vastavalo’s Moonlight Photography Night (Kuunvalokuvausyö, QVKY) is a not-so-serious photography competition for everyone. In this team competition the technical quality of the photographs is not the point, but rather the brightness of ideas and having fun.

This year’s event will be held on Friday the 15th of November at Domus-klubi club room nearby our darkroom in the ground floor of Vanha Domus (Väinämöisenkatu 11, Tampere).

Accessibility of the venue: Nearby club room there are no steps, only a couple of doorsteps. The club room is accessible with some help that we can provide, if needed.

The competition starts at 6PM sharp, so be there on time with your team so that you won’t miss out the first assignment given.

Teams can consist of 2 to 5 people. If you can’t find a team, you can still sign up, and we’ll form an extra team at the event. The first 10 teams to sign up can enter the competition.

During the six hours of competition the teams are given two tasks every two hours. There are six tasks altogether. Your team should have one camera (film, digital, phone etc) of your own. The team only needs to know how to use their camera of choice. For film photographers: you can use Vastavalo’s darkroom for free to develop your photos after the event.

It is a good idea to have warm clothing, because the weather can be chilly. In any case we are gathering in every two hours inside to hear the new tasks.

Once the winners are chosen, the best teams and photos will be awarded. The time will be announced later. There will be General meeting, Award Ceremony of Moonlight photography night and Pre-Christmas party. There we will show you all the photos of the competition.

At the University of Tampere there will be an exhibition of the winning photographs. The time of the exhibition will be announced later.

For members of Camera Club Vastavalo and TT-kamerat there’s no entry fee in Moonlight photography night, and for others only 5 euros / person. The participant fee will be paid on the spot, so please bring the correct sum with you. It includes materials for the tasks, a delicious soup dinner, coffee and tea as well as the digital/analogue printing costs after the competition. However, we would like to remind you that by paying our membership fee, which is also only 5 euros, you can join the event totally free of charge. You can do it even on the spot!


Please sign up with this form. The sign up is open until the end of the day on Wednesday 13th of November 2019. The information of the form will be used only for organizing this event.

Facebook event

Questions? Please contact Krista via e-mail (krista.kierikka[at] or in Telegram (@kristakierikka).

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The Dark Side – club for analogue photography

Photo: Lauri Paulamäki

As many of you have already heard, we are going to begin a brand-new club inside Vastavalo, that gathers our film enthusiast. The idea with this club is to discover together the vast possibilities which the analogue photography has to offer.

Unlike the darkroom workshop that was organized regularly last year, the club is not limited to merely to the darkroom work but use it as a tool to achieve the desired outcomes. The club in ideal condition will not be like teaching in a classroom, instead the community will together try to figure out the essence of the explored techniques.

If you have an idea that would be nice to try, we can make it happen. In case there is period when the community does not have any fresh ideas, I have few in my pocket that we can do in that case. The frequency at which we could gather could be every second week and I suggest that it would be on default on Wednesdays.

To begin the exploration, it is good to know the basics of the darkroom work and that’s why we are organizing a course where we go through the basics of the film development and printing.

Basics of film photography & darkroom course 28.10.–8.11.2019

In this course we take a look into the core of analogue photography and perform some of the basic tasks what comes to working with the film you had previously shot. First, we are having a class for basics of film photography in Tek Lounge of Hervanta Campus on Monday 28.10. at 18:00. During the class we are giving everyone participating the course a roll of 35 mm Ilford HP5+ black and white film, which we develop in the first session on Monday 4.11. at 5 pm at our darkroom in Kaleva.

In the second session we go through the printing process and each participant will end up having at least one successful black and white print. As our darkroom space is limited, we must divide the class and do the printing in groups of four. First session is on Wednesday 6.11. at 5 pm, second on Thursday the 7.11. at 5 pm and another session if there is enough participants on Friday 8.11.

The price of the course for members of Vastavalo and TT-Kamerat is 15 € which includes a roll of HP5+, chemicals for developing it and papers and chemicals for making the print.  The course fee can either be paid to the Vastavalo’s bank account FI77 47265 0200 38232 or during the first course meet. If you pay to the bank account, write “film course” to the message field. If you become member at the same time, add membership fee of 5 € to the sum and write your city of residence and whether you are student in Tampere university or not to the message field.

You can join our Telegram group by following this link. There is active conversation of variable topics.

You can fill the registration form of the course by clicking this link.

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Gallery Excursion

Photo: Maritta Kela

This Sunday (on 29th of September) it’s time to go and discover some local (and even better: free!) galleries in Tampere city center area and more the merrier, of course Vastavalo is inviting you to join as well. We’ll meet in the front of Finnkino Plevna (Itäinenkatu 4) at 11:45 AM and after that we’re going to see three rather different exhibitions:

  • 12 o’clock: “EGS History is Made at Night” in Grafiikanpaja Himmelblau (Finlaysoninkuja 9) – The exhibition of EGS, Finland’s most internationally known graffiti artist, features glass sculptures, paintings, graphics and an installation
  • 2 PM: “Finnish Press Photos 2018”” in Photographic Centre Nykyaika (Kauppakatu 14) – The winning photographs and videos along with other photographs from The Finnish Association of Photojournalists’ competition
  • 4 PM: “Uneni muuttuvat muistoiksi” (= My dreams change to the memories) in Main Library Metso (Pirkankatu 2) – Mira Heija’s exhibition consists of dreamy photos taken with pinhole camera

Note that the times are estimate. If you’re lost or have something to ask, please contact Maritta (Telegram: @Kelmari, +358 40 745 6040). Of course, feel also free bring your camera with you! 😊

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