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Darkroom workshop


Free-form darkroom working for all experience level, from never-seen-film-before to expert level. Every second week from 12.9 onwards. 1e/2e Vastavalo or TT-kamerat member/non-member

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Next Wednesday will be the day when the darkroom workshop of Vastavalo is kick started. The workshop is meant for anyone that is interested in topic. If you are into film photography and would like to make working in a darkroom a bit more social occasion, then this workshop is for you. Welcome to develop your film, print pictures and have a chat with like-minded. Have you just started the film hobby, or considering starting to shoot film? Excellent! Workshop will suit the needs of beginners, since you can address the mind-boggling questions straight to people who have already faced those questions and had to find out the answers. This workshop is open for anyone who is interested in film photography, students and non-students are equally as welcome to participate.

The workshop takes place in darkroom of camera club Vastavalo, downstairs of Vanha Domus at Väinämöisenkatu 11. It will be held every second Wednesday 5pm–9pm beginning from Sep. 12. Entrance fee of 1e for Vastavalo or TT-kamerat members and 2e for non-members, or 5e/10e for all workshops for this autumn, will cover costs for upkeeping the darkroom. There will also be chemicals for film developing and printing and some b&w papers for small fee. Remember to bring some coins.

Here is a map to the darkroom.

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