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COVID-19: Please use appropriate protective measures when working at the darkroom.

At a small price you can use the facilities as well as the equipment required in the development and printing of black and white films.


The equipment of the darkroom includes the following:

  • Three enlargers (sizes from 35 mm to 9×12)
  • Multigrade filters
  • Large and small cropping tools
  • Large and small chemical trays
  • Print washer
  • Development tanks
  • Paper cutter
  • Paper and film drying closet
  • Photo paper for sale
  • Paper for sale
  • Negative scanner

Paper for sale

In the darkroom you can buy photo paper.

  • 13 x 18 cm 0,30 €
  • 18 x 24 cm 0,70 €
  • 24 x 30 cm 1,20 €
  • 30 x 40 cm 2,20 €
  • 40 x 50 cm 4,30 €

Make sure to bring coins for payment. If you plan to use the darkroom multiple times, you can mark your purchases on the debt book that will be collected twice a year, during spring and end of the year. Payments of the debts are done directly to Vastavalo’s bank account. You can find further instructions in the darkroom.


You can buy the chemistry needed for film development.

  • BW 1,00 €/roll
  • C-41 2,00 €/roll (Color development only during special development sessions)
  • XTOL-dev. 1,00 €/roll

Negative sleeves 0,30 €/each


The darkroom is located in Väinämöisenkatu 11, Tampere. It is much easier to find from the side of Pellervonkatu. The darkroom is to be found in the end of the building wing that is in the same direction as Pellervonkatu. The entrance is in the cellar level of the building, there is a door.

The masters of the darkroom

Sami Mikkonen, Tatu Heikkilä, Jakub Žádník, Ari Yli-Hukkala and Wafa Alimam are in charge of the darkroom. Please contact them in order to get the key to the darkroom: vastavalo.darkroom(at)

They also give you advice if you are in trouble and take care of ordering new materials.


Using the darkroom for those who have paid the latest membership fee, is free of charge at so called general turn. If you would like to reserve the darkroom for your work without other darkroom users, the fee is 1 €/h for members. The non-members and other associations arrange the darkroom usage separately with darkroom managers.

You can book the darkroom by using the booking calendar.