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Darkroom booking calendar

COVID-19: Please use appropriate protective measures when working at the darkroom.

How to book the darkroom

As a member, you don’t have to reserve the darkroom to use it during general turn, which is free of charge, but you are obliged to check the reservation status from the calendar.

If you would rather work without other darkroom users, you can reserve the darkroom every day during 9–21 for 1 €/h.

Non-members and other associations need to contact the darkroom managers first: vastavalo.darkroom(at)

Booking for the first time

When you are going to book the darkroom for the first time, please send an e-mail to webmaster: m.wafa91(at)

She will give you the permission to write your booking by yourself to the calendar.

How to get the key

Sami Mikkonen, Tatu Heikkilä, Jakub Žádník, Ari Yli-Hukkala and Wafa Alimam are in charge of the darkroom.

Please contact them in order to get the key to the darkroom: vastavalo.darkroom(at)

They also give you advice if you are in trouble and take care of ordering new materials.