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Darkroom price list

CategoryItemPrice (€)Notes
FeesUsage fee, 1 h1,00For reservations (events made publicly e.g. in the chat are for free)
DevelopmentC-412,00Color negative film development, price per film roll / sheet. Usage: Requires a certified joberator (Jobo operator).
XTOL1,00BW negative film development, price per one sack, paid on top “BW film dev”. Usage: Each sack is enough for 150ml of stock solution. Dissolve part A before part B. Can be diluted 1:1, enough for 1 film. Or you could use two pouches for developing up to 2 films in a stock solution.
BW film development1,00BW negative film development, price per roll / sheet, includes fixer, etc.
BW chemistry2,00BW paper development, price per session.
FilmsHP5+ roll, 36 exp1,00
Bulk film, 36 exp2,50Unless otherwise noted on the canister
Other itemsnegative pockets0,30
scanning0,00There is a Epson V550 -scanner with a PC
Spyder 5, screen calibrator2,00
lendable equipment0,00More info about lendable equipment

Other notes

  • Mark your purchases to the account book.
  • When using chemicals, activate the ventilation from the timer under the window.
  • Wash your dishes with dish soap and wipe all the surfaces where you have handled chemicals.
  • Sink at the light side of the darkroom is preserved for food stuff, don’t wash chemical containers there.
  • When leaving, turn off & unplug all lights and electronic equipment except the freezer.
  • If you have any questions, contact darkroom managers: vastavalo.darkroom(at)