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The board

Starting from the 1st of January 2022.

Head of the board: Tatu Heikkilä

  • Lith printing enthusiast
  • The photographer’s waltz continues until presentation
  • tatu.heikkila(at)

Vice head of the board, darkroom manager: Sami Mikkonen

  • Friend of everything analog
  • Photographer and student of Fine Arts
  • mikkonen.sami(at)

Secretary: Ari Yli-Hukkala

  • Interested in old technology
  • Likes nature photography
  • ari.ylihukkala(at)

Treasurer: Lauri Paulamäki

  • PhD student in Infection Biology
  • Fallen for analog photography
  • lauri.paulamaki(at)

Event manager, publisher: Osmo Someroja

  • Tampere native
  • Enjoys grainy black-and-white photographs
  • osmo.someroja(at)

Web manager: Wafa Alimam

  • Charmed by the old ways
  • Analog captures the magical beauty of being

Assistant darkroom manager: Jakub Žádník

  • Defector from Hervanta campus where I study PhD in computing
  • Taking pictures with impractical old cameras – that’s how I like it
  • kubouch(at)

Darkroom team: Sami Mikkonen, Tatu Heikkilä, Jakub Žádník, Ari Yli-Hukkala, Wafa Alimam
Event team: Osmo Someroja, Sami Mikkonen, Ari Yli-Hukkala, Tatu Heikkilä, Wafa Alimam

Official helper of the board

Technical director of the website: Krista Kierikka

  • studied visual journalism
  • is still inspired by the evening sunlight
  • krista.kierikka(at)