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We inform about all our activities on

Vastavalo is also in Instagram and Flickr.

In our Telegram group we are also discussing about photography. Join us! 🙂

Instructions how to join to the mailing list

  • Go to
  • Write your own e-mail address to Your email address -field. Your name (optional) -field is optional.
  • Click Subscribe-button.
  • Soon you will receive a confirmation request as an e-mail.
  • If the e-mail doesn’t arrive, please check also the spam folder. At least in university e-mail the message goes often straight to spam folder.
  • Click the link in the message.
  • After clicking the link opens a web site. Click Subscribe to list Vastavalo.
  • You wil receive a welcome e-mail. It contains also the instructions how to unsubscribe the mailing list. Please save this the message for further usage.

Vastavalo’s old mailing list

Until October 2019 we used the old Kamera-list with uta-ending. This mailing list is no longer active.

Starting from October 2019 we use the new vastavalo[at] The members of the old Kamera-list have been relocated to the new list automatically.