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Newbies’ Night in February

Photo: Krista Kierikka

By request, we are organising another newbies’ night, where you can come to have a sneak peek of our club. Come to O’Connell’s to greet our members and board over a pint.

Theme of the event is to look at each others photos and try to figure out together, what it brings to mind and what components are making it interesting. Event is not a competition and we hope that everyone from beginners to more advanced photographers won’t hesitate to bring their photos for everyone to see.

Bring couple of photos that you have taken, either in digital or printed format. There is no other limitation than your imagination in what photos can be presented. However, bringing photos is not prerequisite for attending to the event. Also, don’t forget to show your student card at the counter to get nice discounts. See you there!

What: Chance to see members of our club over a pint. Bring couple of pictures you would like to share.
Where: O’Connell’s, Rautatienkatu 24, Tampere
When: 6.2.2018, 19 o’clock

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