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Photo excursion of TT-Kamerat to Pinsiö’s Teletubbyland

Hello there! Have you ever heard of Strata environmental art piece “Yltä ja alta” which is also known as Pinsiö’s Teletubbyland? In any case, go there with TT-Kamerat to photograph, barbeque or just hang out with great people next Friday, the 17th August 2018 at 6 PM onwards.
Check out more information below.


TT-kamerat goes to investigate Pinsiö’s famous Teletubbyland on Friday, the 17th August starting 6 PM. We will also do a barbeque.

You can find the Teletubbyland from here.
Google gives you the address Sasintie 555. The place is really an environmental art piece called “Yltä ja alta”.

Everyone is free to join us in camera action, technical discussions, photography and any other activities you can think of that can be practiced in the forest and on a lean-to. If it happens to rain there will also be three big water basins hopefully containing water. Otherwise the soil is sandy pine forest / gritty.

The Camera Club will not be organizing activities on the spot, but there will be a campfire and we can discuss funny photography projects together. According to the rumours we will also be taking the fog machine and flashes with us.

People coming by car can inform if they are able to take additional people with them. If you need a ride you can add your information and agree on schedules etc.with the driver by filling this form.


  • Photo excursion to Teletubbyland on 17th of August
  • If you come by car or need a ride fill the form.

Kind regards,
Aleksi Eilo / TT-kamerat