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Photowalk in Pispala

Kuva: Tampereen kaupunki/ Susanna Lyly 2009, CC BY-NC 2.0

On Saturday 29th of February 2020 we will go to explore the picturesque Pispala together. Let’s gather in close proximity of the bus stop near Pizpala at 12 pm.

We’ll see where the path will lead us, but there are many things worth seeing in Pispala. For example Hirvitalo in Tahmela is one of the possible destinations, but we can decide on the way.

The end point of the walk will be at Rajaportin Sauna, which by the way is the oldest still running public saunas in Finland. It has very nice löylys, so if you are into going to sauna, take a towel with you.

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