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Moonlight Photography Night 2020 REMOTELY

Camera Club Vastavalo’s Moonlight Photography Night (Kuunvalokuvausyö, QVKY) is a not-so-serious photography competition. In this team competition the technical quality of the photographs is not the point, but rather the brightness of ideas and having fun.

This year’s event will be held on Friday the 30th of October completely remotely. This year’s competition will be special one and comletely free for everyone so join us in large numbers!

Traditionally people compete in teams. If you can’t find a team, you can still sign up, and we’ll find a team for you.
The event starts at 6PM. During the six hours of competition the teams are given two tasks every two hours. There are six tasks altogether. The initial meeting will be held remotely and after that the tasks will be sent via WhatsApp/Telegram or e-mail.

Your team should have one camera (film, digital, phone etc) of your own. The team only needs to know how to use their camera of choice. For film photographers: you can use Vastavalo’s darkroom for free to develop your photos after the event.

Once the winners are chosen, the best teams and photos will be awarded. The time will be announced later. There will be General meeting where the winners will be announced. There we will show you all the photos of the competition.

Please sign up with this form. The sign up is open until the end of the day on Wednesday 28th of October 2020. The information of the form will be used only for organizing this event.

Questions? Please contact Linda: linda.karvonen(at)