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Spring Meeting and Photography Guild

Camera Club Vastavalo’s spring meeting will be held in TOAS Markuksentori club room (Tammelan puistokatu 14–16) on Friday March 23rd at 6 pm. As a member you can participate to meeting and use your vote for anything that matters. You may come even if you are not a member to check out what’s going on behind the scenes.

After the meeting we will have a Photography Guild, and if you like, you can bring with you a few photos either in electronic form or printed. During the evening we will discuss the photos and give each other feedback. This time we will focus on what kind of feelings we get from the photos and not so much their technical quality or composition. So we hope you bring photos that matter to you. Welcome!

What: Camera Club Vastavalo’s spring meeting + Photography guild
Where: TOAS Markuksentori club room (Tammelan puistokatu 14–16 B)
When: Friday March 23rd 2018 at 6 pm
Why: You may be present to approve our annual report of activities and financial statement as well as free the previous board from its responsibilities. And of course to participate to photography guild.

P.S. Snacks will be served!

Spring greetings,
Chair Ville Lahtinen and the whole gang of the board

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