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Photowalk in Pispala

Kuva: Tampereen kaupunki/ Susanna Lyly 2009, CC BY-NC 2.0

On Saturday 29th of February 2020 we will go to explore the picturesque Pispala together. Let’s gather in close proximity of the bus stop near Pizpala at 12 pm.

We’ll see where the path will lead us, but there are many things worth seeing in Pispala. For example Hirvitalo in Tahmela is one of the possible destinations, but we can decide on the way.

The end point of the walk will be at Rajaportin Sauna, which by the way is the oldest still running public saunas in Finland. It has very nice löylys, so if you are into going to sauna, take a towel with you.

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On Sunday the 2nd of February 2020, starting 1 PM


Start is in Linnainmaa, bus stop Koilliskeskus E. You can get there by buses 1, 8, 28, 29 and 90 from the centre.
End is near bus stop Kaukajärventie where the bus 40 goes every 30 minutes back to the city. Alternatively, there is 17 nearby (Juvelankatu 19) going every hour.

The plan

The main objective is to scout an industrial complex in Vehmainen full of strange industrial objects, trash and scrapyards. If we survive attacks from escaped mutants and remain undetected by ghosts of dead workers, we can also find a treasure!

We start off from the most modern and urbanized part of Linnainmaa. During our walk south-east we will enter more calm living areas and observe the life of native Finnish people. Going further will bring us into an empty wasteland with a grim outline of the industrial halls. Despite joggers carefully evading the place, we will dive straight in. If we survive the dangerous venture, a respite is waiting for us at the splendid restaurant Vehmaisten Picasso where we can wait for a bus back to the centre. Those who are interested can go scout the ruins of a nearby mansion – Kaukajärven Kartano – on the edge of Kaukajärvi.

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Let’s gather at Keskustori’s fountain 19th of January 2019 at 12:00 to begin our photowalk. Route will be planned so that there will be good ratio of architecture and park milieu on our way. The weather will be a bit cold, so remember to wear enough clothes so the walk would still be pleasant experience.

Photowalk is especially good opportunity for beginners to get to know the settings of their cameras and ask questions from more experienced enthusiasts.

After the walk, we were about to go to Galleria Nykyaika where there is currently Aapo Huhta’s photography exhibition. The exhibition is free of charge, so what would be better way to end the walk than melting frozen fingers while watching photos.

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