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The Dark Side – club for analogue photography

Photo: Lauri Paulamäki

As many of you have already heard, we are going to begin a brand-new club inside Vastavalo, that gathers our film enthusiast. The idea with this club is to discover together the vast possibilities which the analogue photography has to offer.

Unlike the darkroom workshop that was organized regularly last year, the club is not limited to merely to the darkroom work but use it as a tool to achieve the desired outcomes. The club in ideal condition will not be like teaching in a classroom, instead the community will together try to figure out the essence of the explored techniques.

If you have an idea that would be nice to try, we can make it happen. In case there is period when the community does not have any fresh ideas, I have few in my pocket that we can do in that case. The frequency at which we could gather could be every second week and I suggest that it would be on default on Wednesdays.

To begin the exploration, it is good to know the basics of the darkroom work and that’s why we are organizing a course where we go through the basics of the film development and printing.

Basics of film photography & darkroom course 28.10.–8.11.2019

In this course we take a look into the core of analogue photography and perform some of the basic tasks what comes to working with the film you had previously shot. First, we are having a class for basics of film photography in Tek Lounge of Hervanta Campus on Monday 28.10. at 18:00. During the class we are giving everyone participating the course a roll of 35 mm Ilford HP5+ black and white film, which we develop in the first session on Monday 4.11. at 5 pm at our darkroom in Kaleva.

In the second session we go through the printing process and each participant will end up having at least one successful black and white print. As our darkroom space is limited, we must divide the class and do the printing in groups of four. First session is on Wednesday 6.11. at 5 pm, second on Thursday the 7.11. at 5 pm and another session if there is enough participants on Friday 8.11.

The price of the course for members of Vastavalo and TT-Kamerat is 15 € which includes a roll of HP5+, chemicals for developing it and papers and chemicals for making the print.  The course fee can either be paid to the Vastavalo’s bank account FI77 47265 0200 38232 or during the first course meet. If you pay to the bank account, write “film course” to the message field. If you become member at the same time, add membership fee of 5 € to the sum and write your city of residence and whether you are student in Tampere university or not to the message field.

You can join our Telegram group by following this link. There is active conversation of variable topics.

You can fill the registration form of the course by clicking this link.

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