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Vastavalo’s Founding Meeting and Pre-Christmas Party

Vastavalo will finally become a registered association in Finland.

You are warmly welcome to Vastavalo’s Founding Meeting on Thrusday 3rd December 2020 starting 6pm.

At the same time we will announce the winners of QVKY and hold a pre-Christmas party.

The meeting and the party are held remotely on Zoom.

The agenda is as follows:

  • opening the meeting
  • organizing order in the meeting
  • statement the legality and decision power of meeting
  • approval of the agenda
  • approval of rules
  • founding the association
  • approval of the action plan for 1st year
  • approval of membership fee
  • approval of budget estimate for 1st year
  • selection of the chairperson and other members of the board and deputy board members
  • selection of the auditor and his/her deputy
  • other discussion
  • closing the meeting

Join the meeting via this link!