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Photo exhibition call for entry: batch 2


Hi Photographers,

Camera Club Vastavalo, TT-Kamerat and have some cool and exciting news for you! The 30 photos from photographers of 21 nations selected for the 1st batch of the exhibition

“Finland through international photographer’s lens”

is now ready to view on the wall of Coffeeortea. It is a great panorama of international people’s life in Finland. If you feel encouraged and inspirited by the exhibition here is the chance or you to make the difference, the “Call for entry” for the batch 2 is starting now.

If this is still new to you, please take a chance to visit the exhibition, the idea of the exhibition is to show the diversity of the focus of photographers from different culture background view the same country as “Finland”. You may have been here for weeks, months, years, you can be amateur or professional. We want to have the stage to showcase your work to many others. Our target is to select about 100 photos in 3 batches and rotate them in weekly bases. All printing and framing is on our cost.


Sunday 5.6.2016 (2nd batch)


  • Open to everyone. Oh, and you don’t have to be a professional photographer in order to submit.
  • You can submit up to 5 images.
  • There is no theme.
  • Due to the fact we all mainly use digital photo nowadays, so we would be expecting most of the works in digital format and we will do the printing for the selected ones. Image specifications: 300 ppi, 2480 x 3508 pixels, sRGB, JPEG (A4 photo printing)

Naming convention of file:  Nationality_Author_”Name of photo”_abbreviation of months when the photo is taken”.jpg (e.g. USA_Brad Pitt_pispala in the mist_Jan.jpg)

  • In case you already have printed photos please sign the print on the back. Prints should not be bigger than A4 (210*297 mm) due to showcase’s uniform appearance. All the original artwork, used and unused, will be saved after the exhibition for pickup by the author.
  • Everyone who submits a photo will receive an email notification of which images were accepted. Accepted images will be exhibited.
  • The photos will only be used for exhibition and the photographer retains all the copyrights of the photo.

Send your photos in a zip file.

Naming convention of file:, (e.g. USA_Brad to

Email address: coffeeortea.finland(at)

Email title: Coffeeortea International lens exhibition Batch 2

Finally, include a link to your website (if any). Naming convention must be followed for all the submission.